1: Miss America 2024 Introduction: Meet Madison Marsh, an active-duty Air Force officer who is ready to take on the title.

2: Military Background: Learn more about Madison Marsh's experience serving in the Air Force and how it has shaped her.

3: Passion for Service: Discover how Madison Marsh's dedication to serving her country drives her in the Miss America competition.

4: Talent Showcase: Get a sneak peek at Madison Marsh's unique talent that sets her apart on stage.

5: Platform for Change: Learn about Madison Marsh's platform and how she plans to make a difference as Miss America 2024.

6: Community Support: Find out how Madison Marsh's community is rallying behind her as she competes for the crown.

7: Leadership Skills: Explore how Madison Marsh's leadership skills developed in the Air Force translate to her role as a pageant contestant.

8: Inspirational Journey: Follow Madison Marsh's journey to the Miss America stage and be inspired by her commitment to service.

9: Vote for Madison: Support Madison Marsh in her quest to become Miss America 2024 and continue her mission of service and leadership.