1: In June 2024, a rare Bicentennial Quarter was auctioned for nearly $490 million USD, setting a world record.

2: Three more Bicentennial Quarters from the same collection were sold for over $400 million each.

3: These highly valuable coins are sought after by collectors worldwide for their rarity and historical significance.

4: The Bicentennial Quarter features a special design commemorating the 200th anniversary of the United States independence.

5: With only a limited number known to exist, owning one of these quarters is considered a significant investment.

6: The recent surge in interest and value for rare coins has made the Bicentennial Quarter a highly coveted collector's item.

7: Investors and coin enthusiasts alike are drawn to the allure of these historic and valuable pieces of American numismatic history.

8: As the demand for rare coins continues to grow, the value of the Bicentennial Quarter is expected to rise even further.

9: Collectors are advised to stay informed and vigilant in the pursuit of acquiring one of these rare and valuable Bicentennial Quarters.